The South Celynen Colliery from the West End Road. Hand-coloured.


South Celynen Colliery, from the West End Road side, looking across the footbridge.   © TBA


North Celynen Colliery from North Road, near the Mason's Arms ('The Black')


South Celynen
Colliery; through the tree you can just make out the channel going up the mountain to accommodate the 'buckets', on the 'aerials' to drop waste on the tip above Newbridge.   © Gareth Roden


Underground haulage engine at the South Celynen, 1977   © TBA


North Celynen winding gear, late 1970's.
  © TBA


Coal-face Shearer at the North Celynen Colliery, Newbridge.
   © TBA


The South Celynen, towards the end of it's working life. The channel for the waste 'buckets' can be clearly seen on the mountainside.   © Colin Wilks


Police and Pickets at the South Celynen, during the Miners' Strike in 1984 that preceded it's closure.  © Martin Shakeshaft


The sad sight of the South Celynen at an advanced stage of demolition; the whole site has now been redeveloped into a housing estate.  © TBA


The South Celynen pit head and winding gear, showing the footbridge over the railway track, from the entrance on
the West End Road.   © TBA


Old print of the South Celynen, showing the main road between Newbridge and Abercarn in the background and behind that, the mountain that waste was dumped on, via 'the buckets'.   © TBA


'The South'


'The North'


The Blacksmith's Shop in the South Celynen, where the pit ponies were maintained   © TBA


Old photograph of the South Celynen from above the West End Road, looking across at the canal, below the main valley road between Newbridge and Abercarn    © TBA


Celynen North downcast shaft in the 1980's © TBA


Celynen North winding gear, early 1980's © TBA


Celynen North winding gear, with the Catholic Church in the background © TBA

A good photograph, showing the position of the North in relation to the Catholic Church 
and North Road, mid-80's © Kelvin Thorne

A lovely shot, looking down at the North from the Top Road near the brow of Mining School Hill in Crumlin. The snow-covered coal tip in the background was created by the Celynen South. © Kelvin Thorne

 Looking across at the North over the allotments near Ashfield Road from the top of 
Doctor's Hill in Newbridge. © Kelvin Thorne


The grounds of the Celynen North before demolition in the 1980s © Kelvin Thorne

Another shot of the grounds of the Celynen North before demolition in the 1980s © Kelvin Thorne

The winding gear at the Celynen South, mid 1980's  © Kelvin Thorne



Looking back across the bridge from the Celynen South towards the West End Road and
the Colliery Canteen. Mid 1980's.  © Ken Buck

Celynen South bridge and Canteen building. Mid '80's, during demolition.  © Ken Buck

Young Carl Thorne waiting to blag a ride up the mountain in 'the buckets'..... Celynen South, mid '80's.  
© Kelvin Thorne

The Celynen South; deserted during demolition. Mid '80's.  © Ken Buck

The South at the very beginning of demolition. Mid '80's.  © Ken Buck

Looking across at the South from near Chapel of Ease towards Newbridge; on the left can be seen the pale blue bridge across to the West End Road, and behind that, the Manager's Office. Mid '80's  © Kelvin Thorne

The South, just prior to demolition, with Abercarn Cemetery and Llanfach in the background. Mid '80's.  
© Kelvin Thorne

An outbuilding in the grounds of the South Celynen. Does anyone know what it was?  © Kelvin Thorne

Celynen South winding gear from the West End Road. Mid '80's.  © Kelvin Thorne

An unusual shot of the Celynen South winding gear from inside one of the disused offices,
just prior to demolition.  © Ken Buck

The South from the West End Road, mid 1980's  © Kelvin Thorne

Two shunting engines at the South after closure. In the background is the Canteen Building. Mid '80's  
© Kelvin Thorne


Two superb examples of 'Gwyddon Vale Mineral Water Co. Abercarn'  pop alley bottles. Made in Abercarn, but no doubt enjoyed by the people of Newbridge too. Bottles courtesy of John Cotton..... thanks John. Photograph by Dory Buck.


Three guys enjoying a final fag before going down to do their afternoon shift at the North Celynen in 1978 - left to right: Dai Purn, Kevin Reynolds and Chris Sharp. Photograph courtesy of Kevin Reynolds.