Newbridge Grammar School 1st Year Under 12's Rugby XV 1967-8; Headmaster John Herbert on the left and PE Teacher Chris Padfield on the right.

Newbridge Grammar School 2nd Year Under 13's Rugby XV 1968-9; Headmaster John Herbert in the centre and Biology Teacher John Bullock on the right.

Tynewydd Junior School Standard IVa, 1966. Headmaster Mr Williams on the left and Form Teacher
Mrs Edwards on the right.
Second boy in from the left, back row, is Philip Duddridge; third in from the right, back row, is Dory Buck, and on the extreme right is Leslie Price. On the extreme right, row three, is Michael Breeze, and next to him, in a blue jumper, is Graham Morgan, who was the dentist in Crosskeys for many years. On the extreme right in row two (seated) is John Zani, the son of the owner of Ron's Cafe and the fourth boy in from the right (in a blazer) is Dai Fox, who became a vicar in Penarth and tragically went missing on a walking holiday in the mountains of Slovenia in June 2008. Next to Dai, in a blue cardigan, is Coral Jones and next to her is Janet Harman. Front row, far left, is Jane Francis, whose late father Eddie was the well-liked chemistry teacher at Newbridge Grammar School.

Newbridge Grammar School Cricket XI 1974; Headmaster Arthur Bowman and Biology Teacher Tom Leader in the centre, with scorer Andrew Simmonds at the front. The missing player is Philip Duddridge.

Newbridge Grammar School Rugby First XV; 1948-49. The headmaster, sat behind the ball, is
Archibald Theodore Sinclair Cooke, and seated, far left, is deputy-head Mr Talbot Thomas.

Newbridge Grammar School Rugby First XV, 1949-50; headmaster Mr ATS Cooke.

Newbridge Grammar School Rugby First XV, 1950-51; headmaster Mr ATS Cooke. Deputy-head Mr Talbot Thomas is sat next to Dai Hayward in his Welsh Schools' rugby shirt.

Newbridge Grammar School Rugby First XV, 1959-60; the headmaster is still Mr ATS Cooke.

Newbridge Grammar School Cricket First XI, 1959-60; the headmaster is ATS Cooke, and far right is the new deputy-head, Mr EM Jones, known to everyone as 'Latin' Jones. Sometimes he kept a small boy on his right shoulder for good luck.

A Newbridge Grammar School trip to Holland in 1961. The responsible adult at the front is History teacher Reg Edwards, sporting a natty line in sandals and grey socks, which was the style of the times.

Newbridge Grammar School Rugby Under 13's XV, 1965-66. The headmaster is Mr John Herbert.

Newbridge Grammar School Rugby Under 15's XV, 1965-66. The headmaster is Mr John Herbert. Sat either side of John Herbert are Brian Tiley and Mel Davies. PE Teacher Chris Padfield is in the back row, as is future Welsh and Lions' international Jeff 'Squinto' Squire, second from the right.

Newbridge Grammar School Rugby Under 15's XV, 1968-69. The headmaster is Mr John Herbert. Second from the left in the back row is Billy Harding, and fourth from the right in the back row is Martin Tamlyn, who tragically died in an accident at work several years ago. Far right in the back row is Geography teacher Ron Davies, who went on to become a well-known MP. Seated on the far right is Billy Friend, who captained the School Cricket team in 1972.

A section of the School photograph from 1947.

Another section of the School photograph from 1947.

A larger section of the same School photograph from 1947.

Newbridge Grammar School, 5th Form - 1963.

Newbridge Grammar School, 5 Main - 1963.

Newbridge Grammar School, Upper-Sixth Form Prefects, 1963-64. The teachers in the front row are
Mr EM 'Latin' Jones (deputy-head) and Miss Cecil ('Ma Cess'), senior mistress and Maths' teacher.

A Newbridge Grammar School school trip to Goodrich Castle and Tintern Abbey, possibly Summer 1967/68. Mike Williams with lollipop in mouth, Glyn Tucker rear left, Raymond James in front of Glyn Tucker, Brian Tiley kneeling, Tim Williams in the dark shirt, Philip Kidman just seen, Mel Davies is front right, Dave Boulton behind Mel and John Thomas at the very rear.

Manic Street Preachers' frontman, James Dean Bradfield, who used to work as a barman in the Memo, stands in front of the plaque in the 'Stute commemorating Newbridge Grammar School English teacher 'Bonnie' James, who died, aged 80, in 2009. Mrs James was also a published author and will be remembered by all her pupils as not only a good and empathetic teacher but also as a gentle and thoroughly decent person. Ex-pupils will notice that the plaque bears the motto of
Newbridge Grammar School; 'Ex Terra Lucem'. © South Wales Argus

Some may wonder what this slightly distressed-looking building has to do with 'School', but Tynewydd Infants and Junior School pupils over a certain age will remember St Paul's Church Hall as being the venue of 'PT' lessons when the weather was wet (which occasionally happens in Wales...). We'd turn up with our elasticated daps in our homemade drawstring dap-bags and run around like screaming idiots for 30 minutes. The church hall was situated just the other side of the Junior School's boys' playground wall - just behind the bomb shelter and the apparatus that no-one was allowed to play on... occasionally the annual nativity play was held there too.  © Dory Buck

Greenfield Secondary School Football XI, 1958-59. The goalkeeper in red is Ollie Davies, who went on the keep goal for Fields Park AFC for many, many years. Photograph courtesy of Brian 'Rocket' Hunt.

Pantside Junior School, 1964-65, supplied by Debra Goslin (née Hopkins) - Deb is fifth pupil from the left, centre row.

Pantside Junior School, 1965-66, supplied by Debra Goslin (née Hopkins); Deb is in the red cardigan, third from the right in the third row back

Newbridge Grammar School Under 13's (1969-70); the teacher to the left of headmaster John Herbert is John Bullock, now sadly no longer with us. Holding the ball is captain Keith Kinsey, and a few others worth a mention are boys in the back row, starting with the player between Mr Bullock and Dr Herbert... Murray 'Muzzy' Jenkins, then moving right, Dai Arnold (who supplied the photo), Vaughan 'Beep' Palmer, Mike Breeze, Lyndon 'Scruff' Morris and a cold and under-nourished looking David 'Dukey' Wellington, who was also a good opening bat for the school cricket team. Thanks to Dai Arnold for the photo.

Newbridge Grammar School 2nd XV Rugby team, 1972-73. Notice David 'Dukey' Wellington has been stood in exactly the same position as on the previous photograph for three full years, so he didn't miss the team photo. In the interim he has shot up, filled out and put on a thermal vest and presents a much healthier physique, due in no small part to Chris Padfield's intense regime of circuits and medicine ball throwing. To our knowledge he stands there still...... Again, thanks to Dai Arnold for the photo.

Young people having a jolly old time - all good clean fun, obviously. This was taken during Newbridge Grammar School's rugby tour to L'Aquila in Italy, around 1973. Many among them seem to be indicating a victory of some sort.... photograph supplied by Dai Arnold.

Tynewydd School Nativity Play, around 1963. This was always held in St Paul's Church Hall, which was on the land that backed onto the Junior School's playground. The school is gone, but the Church Hall still stands. The photograph is courtesy of Heather Willis (née Freeman) who is standing, far left, and who lived in Fields Park; another person on the photograph is David Fox (front row in a blazer) who was a lovely guy and later became a well-loved vicar in Penarth before his premature death in June 2008.

Two photographs of the attractive facade of Newbridge Grammar School, which became a Comprehensive in 1973, around the time when long-time Headmaster Dr John Herbert left for Lliswerry High School, along with some of the teachers, and was replaced by Arthur Bowman.

Newbridge Grammar School 2nd XV, 1971-72: not all names are known, but some of them are.... back row, second left - Gareth Edmunds, third left - Steve Lane, fifth left - Dai 'Daisy' Ware, and then Philip 'Fred' Morgan, Dai Handy, Mike Rees and John 'Polly' Peregrine (far right). Front row, from left: the late and much missed Keith Kinsey - a superb scrum-half, Alan Britt, Gareth 'Franky' Rees (Skipper and sometime Choirmaster), Dr John Herbert (Headmaster), Chris Padfield (PE Teacher and Rugby Coach), Martin Lambert, Murray 'Muzzy' Jenkins and finally Martin Davies. The caption is a collaboration between John Peregrine, Dory Buck and Alan Britt, who supplied the photograph.... between them they almost possess a memory.... though Dory vividly recalls the curtains on the stage being an abstract and haphazard pattern of blue, white and black. Funny the things you remember.

Greenfield Secondary Modern School Rugby First XV, 1962-63, captained by Mike Shepherd. The Headmaster on the left is Mr G Groves, and the PE Teacher and Rugby Coach on the right is Chris Padfield, who soon after moved to Newbridge Grammar School, where he taught for many years. Photograph supplied by Mike Shepherd 

Greenfield School's Rugby First XV prepare to take on Horsham School in 1963; Greenfield's captain Mike Shepherd shakes hands with the captain of Horsham prior to kick-off. Photo supplied by Mike Shepherd.

Pantside Junior School, 1965-66, supplied by Michael Darke. Mike is the fourth boy from the right in the back row.

Greenfield School, 1953, supplied by Ronnie Self, seated front row, far left. Ron was one of the well-known footballing Self brothers - he went on the play for both Newbridge Welfare Welsh League team, and later Newbridge Town. The teacher is the well-loved and respected Deputy Headmaster and magistrate John Herbert

The rear of the Grammar School, showing some of the rugby field before the boiler room and new block were built - all the trees and bushes were removed for the improvements of the early 1960s.

Tynewydd Junior School in 1931, supplied by Michael Darke. Mike's father Len is in the back row, far right, with his arms crossed and looking like he's up to no good...!

Tynewydd Junior School, 1931. Another photograph kindly supplied by Michael Darke.

Catching practice for Greenfield cricket team; on the left is Estyn Self, who tragically drowned in Penyfan Pond just before his 18th birthday. © Nancy Self

A photograph including the Self sisters, Coral, Nancy and Lilian Self © Nancy Self

Greenfield School Football Team in 1962-63; second from the right in the front row is Newbridge cobbler Phil Walker, and third from the right in the back row is Brian Barnes, who both went on to play for both Treowen Stars FC and Newbridge Town FC. 

Newbridge Grammar School Boys' Topless Display Team, circa 1969. The boy to the left of headmaster John Herbert misread the memo and thought it was the Boys' Sleeveless Vests photo..... seriously this is the Newbridge GS Gymnastics team (or possibly the Cross-Country team), around 1969-70. Amongst the boys representing the school are Vaughan Palmer (2nd left, back row), Michael Darke (2nd right, back row) and far left, front row is the late Keith Kinsey, an excellent scrum-half. Far right in the front row is Mark Herbert, a lovely guy who lost his life in an accident while on duty as a policeman. Both Keith and Mark are still much-missed by their families and friends. With thanks to Mike Darke for the photograph.

Tynewydd Infants 1st Year, 9th November 1944; the photograph has been supplied by Neen Buck (nee Ross), who is standing on the chair, far left.

Tynewydd Junior School, Standard IIa, 1966, with form teacher Mrs West. The photograph has been supplied by Carol Princic (nee Davies), now living in Australia.

Tynewydd Junior School, Standard 5 in 1969, with teacher Mr Freeguard on the left. The photograph has been supplied by Carol Princic (nee Davies), who is in the red cardigan, front row.

Tynewydd School Nativity Play, in St Paul's Church Hall, 1964. Photograph courtesy of Carol Princic.

A Greenfield School photo from the 1950s; not sure of the exact year - any information gratefully received. Photograph courtesy of Lisa Bevan and Kelvin Thorne.

Newbridge Grammar School Rugby Under 15s XV (4th Form) 1961-62. The headmaster is John Herbert, the deputy head (back row, right) is E M 'Latin' Jones, and far right, front row is Malcolm Pike, who went on to teach at the school. The photograph is supplied by Foster Edwards, who is in the back row, third player from the left. 

Newbridge Grammar School Under 16s XV (5th Form) 1962-63; the Headmaster is John Herbert, the PE Teacher (back/right) is Mr Nash, and the team is captained by Foster Edwards, holding the ball. Photograph supplied by Foster Edwards.

Tynewydd Junior School 1970; back row in the striped blazer is the late Andrew Simmonds, who went on to play for Newbridge CC.  Middle row in the pink cardigan is Catherine Powell (née Jenkins), and front row, third from the left, is Mike Thorne, who supplied the photograph.

Greenfield Secondary Modern 1963 Swimming Gala at the permanently chilly outdoor Abercarn Baths - Headmaster G Groves presents the winner's trophy to Lancaster House Captains Ruth Williams and Mike Shepherd. Photograph courtesy of Mike Shepherd. 

Greenfield Secondary Modern Sports Day - Lancaster House had a clean sweep in 1963; here Headmaster G Groves presents the trophy to House Captains Mike Shepherd and Ruth Williams. Photograph courtesy of Mike Shepherd.

Greenfield School's Lancaster House Captains Ruth Williams and Mike Shepherd are presented with the winner's trophy in 1963. Photo courtesy of Mike Shepherd.

Greenfield School, around 1968-69, including the late Bobby Farmer and Glyn Morgan. Also Martin Adams, Martin Hyde, Susan Hancock, Coral Jones, Lynne Mathias and Janet Harman (now Janet Fears) who supplied the photograph.

A photograph of Greenfield School Football Team, 1959-60, supplied by Dai Wilcox, the second player from the right in the back row, standing next to goalkeeper Ollie 
Davies. Dai went on the play for both Treowen Stars and Newbridge Town, while Ollie spent his career playing for Fields Park.

A photograph of Crumlin High Level Junior School, taken in 1927. Photograph supplied by Jocelyn and Mike Davies.

Greenfield School Cricket Team, in 1949. The teacher to the left is the ever-popular Johnny Herbert, and standing next to him is Estyn Self, who tragically drowned in Penyfan Pond, just before his 18th birthday.  Courtesy of Nancy Self. 


Newbridge Grammar School Rugby XV, 1956-57. The headmaster in the centre is Mr ATS Cooke, and sitting to his left as we view is Mike Croad, the son of Newbridge butcher Trevor Croad; Mike was a dentist in Risca for many years, and latterly involved with Newbridge Rugby Club. Sitting far right in the same row is Keith Davies, who supplied this photograph. The Deputy Head, Mr Halse, is stood on the far right, and the PE teacher, standing far left is only recalled by Keith as being called 'Trudgeon' by the boys.

The Newbridge Grammar School Cricket XI for 1956; the Head is Mr ATS Cooke, the Deputy Head is Mr Halse, and the chap in a cap and spectacles next to Mr Cooke is Peter Roberts who went on the gain representative honours. The photograph has been supplied by Keith Davies, seated next to Peter Roberts.

The Newbridge Grammar School Cricket XI for 1957; the Head is Mr ATS Cooke, the Deputy Head standing at the back/right is Mr Halse, and the PE teacher, remembered only as Trudgeon, is at the back/left. To the right of the Head is John Bassett, a very good bowler who went on to play for Pontllanfraith CC for many years.  Photo courtesy of Keith Davies.

The Newbridge Grammar School Junior Drama Production of 'Robin Hood', in 1951. The King and Queen are Dave Thomas and Joan Benjamin; the photograph has been supplied by Keith Davies, kneeling, front/left.

The Newbridge Grammar School Drama Production of 'She Stoops to Conquer' in 1956. The two teachers are Mr Pommeroy, the History teacher and Miss McCrea ('Ma Mac'), the English teacher. Mike Croad is standing behind and between the two teachers, and the photograph has been supplied by Keith Davies, who is standing at the back, second from the right.