Newbridge Welfare AFC, probably taken during the war years (around 1943) - seated front, far right is Fred Taylor who was very important in the success of Newbridge Boxing Club for many years. In the background is the old Boxing Club building, then resplendent with a balcony.
  Courtesy of Kelvin Thorne / Newbridge Welfare AFC Archive.

Newbridge Welfare AFC around 1965; two officials are Ursal Parry (crouching, front left) who chased many a schoolboy off the Welfare for churning up the football pitch and Arthur Millington (standing, right, apparently holding his tie). Players Ronnie Self (seated, second left) and Ray Hurley (standing, fourth left) played an important part in setting up Newbridge Town AFC with Ken Buck when the Welfare disbanded. Courtesy of Kelvin Thorne / Newbridge Welfare AFC Archive.


Newbridge Town AFC, 1975-76. Ray Hurley (second left, front) and Ronnie Self (ball at his feet), along with official Arthur Millington, form the link with Newbridge Welfare.
Courtesy of Kelvin Thorne / Newbridge  Town AFC Archive.

Treowen Stars AFC Mon Senior XI (1968-69). The kit was sky blue and the official on the left is Ernie Appley, who lived in Hill Street, Newbridge and was involved with Treowen Stars for many years.  Courtesy of Kelvin Thorne / Treowen Stars AFC Archive.

Newbridge Boys Club Football Team 1952-53. Courtesy of Kelvin Thorne.

A special gathering of ex-Newbridge Town AFC (in red) and ex-Treowen Stars AFC players at Treowen's ground to play a memorial match for Glyn Morgan, an ex-Treowen player who died prematurely of an asthma attack. The official on the left is Ken Buck (February 1990).
Courtesy of Kelvin Thorne, standing, far right.

Fields Park Athletic AFC, possibly 1950's (?) Colin Mustoe is standing on the left with the bag and
Joseph Smith is on the right in the suit, but any more information would be welcome.
Courtesy of Kelvin Thorne / Fields Park Athletic AFC Archive.

Newbridge Villa AFC, lining up on Newbridge Welfare in front of the Grammar School.
Any more information welcome. 
Courtesy of Kelvin Thorne.


 Treowen Stars Under 14's, 1969-70. The photograph was taken on the Stars' old 'top field'; the mascot is Craig Duddridge and the official is Ken Buck. Courtesy of Dory Buck / Treowen Stars AFC Archive.

Treowen Stars Under 18's, Cup Winners! 1970-71.
Courtesy of Kelvin Thorne / Treowen Stars AFC Archive.

young Treowen Stars team, possibly Under 15's and around 1958. Any ideas?
Courtesy of Kelvin Thorne / Treowen Stars AFC Archive.

Treowen Stars AFC Under 18's 1958-59. The official on the left is Ernie Appley and in the centre is Johnny Dale, who ran the entire club and it's weekly 'Tote' successfully and efficiently for many years; the official on the right is unknown. Courtesy of Kelvin Thorne / Treowen Stars AFC Archive.

Treowen Stars Under 13's 1968-69, again on the old Stars' 'Top Field'. To the left of the goalkeeper is Bobby Farmer, who sadly passed on in 2013 and to the goalkeeper's right is Glyn Morgan, who sadly passed on in 1990. Courtesy of Dory Buck / Treowen Stars AFC Archive.

Treowen Stars Under 16's, 1968-69, winners of the smallest cup in Monmouthshire..... third from the left in the back row is Rob Davies, who was to become an accomplished and long-serving Treowen Stars goalkeeper. Sadly, Rob passed on a few years back.
Courtesy of Kelvin Thorne / Treowen Stars AFC Archive.

An unusual photograph of both Treowen Stars senior teams in 1969 (Mon Senior First XI and North Mon Second XI); in fact this constitutes the Treowen Stars Senior Squad;  the first team are in the lighter (sky blue) kit and  the second team are in what can only be described as 'bruised plum' or 'horrible'.
Courtesy of Kelvin Thorne / Treowen Stars AFC Archive.

Treowen Stars Under 14's, 1969-70; the captain is Bobby Farmer and the official is Ken Buck. The player at the far right of the front row, in light blue shorts, is Morris Davies ('Dobbs') who sadly passed away in late 2013. Courtesy of Dory Buck / Treowen stars AFC Archive.

Treowen Stars  Under 16's. 1971-72; the photograph was taken on the narrow path outside the Stars' old clubhouse, now demolished. The captain is Martin Morgan, who had five o'clock shadow and very large feet and was known by everyone as 'Toggan'. Courtesy of Dory Buck / Treowen Stars AFC Archive.

Bryngwyn/Newbridge Boys Club, possibly as far back as the 1940's. Any ideas or information welcome.....
Courtesy of Kelvin Thorne.


 Newbridge Grammar School 1st Year Under 12's Rugby XV 1967-8; Headmaster John Herbert on the left and PE Teacher Chris Padfield on the right.

Newbridge Grammar School 2nd Year Under 13's Rugby XV 1968-9; Headmaster John Herbert in the centre and Biology Teacher John Bullock on the right.

Newbridge Town AFC 1973-74; Newbridge Town AFC rose out of the ashes of Newbridge Welfare AFC, due largely to the efforts of Ken Buck, Ray Hurley and Ronnie Self; very soon they would adopt the image of the phoenix rising from the ashes as their club badge.
Courtesy of Kelvin Thorne / Newbridge Town AFC Archive.

Newbridge Town AFC 1974-75; taken inside the boxing ring in the premises Newbridge Town shared with Newbridge Boxing Club. The officials are Arthur Millington (Chairman) on the left and Ken Buck (Manager) on the right. Courtesy of Kelvin Thorne / Newbridge Town AFC Archive.

Newbridge Town AFC 1976-77; the captain is Kelvin Thorne and the club officials are
Arthur Millington (left) and Ronnie Self (right) who had retired after breaking his leg.
Courtesy of Kelvin Thorne / Newbridge Town AFC Archive. 

Newbridge Town AFC 1977-78; this was the year when manager Ken Buck hatched the devilishly cunning plan of playing in both red and blue shirts, in order to cause confusion amongst the opposition and make it easier to lose your marker from set-pieces. Understandably, the league came down on Newbridge like a ton of bricks and forced them to play in sweaty string vests for two seasons as a penance .....
Courtesy of Kelvin Thorne / Newbridge Town AFC Archive.

Newbridge Town AFC 1979-80; the kit was exactly the same as the 'Admiral' kit worn by England, apart from the 'phoenix' badge. Officials are Arthur Witts (physio/left) and Ken Buck (manager/right). 
Courtesy of Kelvin Thorne / Newbridge Town AFC Archive.

Newbridge Town 1981-82; holding the shield is striker Norman Bushell. Both Ray Hurley (back row, far right) and Alan Parfitt (kneeling, front left) have now sadly passed on.
Courtesy of Kelvin Thorne / Newbridge Town AFC Archive.

The cup-winning Newbridge Town team of 1983-84; the captain is Kelvin Thorne and the two officials are Ken Buck (Manager) and Ray Hurley (Trainer).  
Courtesy of Kelvin Thorne/Newbridge Town AFC Archive.

 Fields Park Athletic AFC Second XI; possibly before a Cup Final in Oakdale - any information welcome.  The second player from the right in the front row is Dai Elsley, now sadly passed on, who did much to foster youth football in the area, being involved with Cwmcarn youth teams for many years. A nice guy. Courtesy of Kelvin Thorne / Fields Park Athletic AFC Archive.

Newbridge Grammar School Cricket XI 1974; Headmaster Arthur Bowman and Biology Teacher Tom Leader in the centre, with scorer Andrew Simmonds at the front. The missing player is Philip Duddridge.

 Crumlin Stars RFC 1922-23 Season. Courtesy of Gill Thorne.

Crumlin Boys Club Rugby Team, 1938-39 Season with one of the Viaduct supports visible in the background; WWII was about to break out..... 
Courtesy of Gill Thorne (the photograph, not the beginning of the war) .

Newbridge Villa AFC. Any further details would be welcome.
Courtesy of Granville Davies.

A charabanc trip for Newbridge Villa AFC and a couple of female friends. More details would be welcome.
Courtesy of Granville Davies.

A photograph believed to be Newbridge Welfare AFC, taken at the Welfare Ground,
possibly in the late '40's. Courtesy of Granville Davies.


Treowen Stars AFC, in the early 1950's, resplendent in an Arsenal kit. The names have been left as they appear in the original frame.  Notable names are Johnny Dale, goalkeeper Tom Perkins, who had a cup named after him and Ernie Appley. This photograph appears to have been taken at the river end of Newbridge Welfare, possibly before a pre-season friendly. Courtesy of Granville Davies.


Another photograph of Treowen Stars AFC in their Arsenal shirts; possibly slightly earlier than the previous photograph, as Johnny Dale appears to have a little more hair. Again, the goalkeeper is Tom Perkins and Treowen appear to be supported by the Mystical and Majestic Order of Men in Macs (MMOMM).
Courtesy of Granville Davies.


A club with a proud history, the now defunct Fields Park Athletic AFC team of 1977/78. Fourth from the left in the back row is Paul Medcraft, whose family had a long association with the club, and far right in the front row is midfield dynamo Phil Walker, who many will now recognise as the Newbridge cobbler of Victoria Terrace.  In the background can be seen the now demolished clubhouse. 
© Paul and Roy Medcraft/Fields Park AFC Archive.



Four members of Newbridge Bowls team, relaxing on the club steps: the man on the left is as yet unidentified, but the two in the middle are well-known Newbridge RUFC supporter Ray Jenkins on the left and much-loved and respected Greenfield School deputy-head and magistrate Johnny Herbert on the right in the green cardigan. Far right is Norman Williams of Treowen. Photograph courtesy of Ken Buck.

Newbridge Cricket Club 1961: in the centre of the back row is Llew Smith, who went on to become a Labour MEP and subsequently MP for Blaenau Gwent. On the very right of the back row is John Evans, a loyal and longtime servant of Newbridge CC and second from the right in the middle row is Dai Hayward, who won 6 caps for Wales as an open-side wing forward. Dai passed on in 2003, aged 69.

The photograph is courtesy of Ken Buck, who is sat on the end of the middle row, next to Dai.

Fields Park United AFC 1923-24; back row, far left is E England (treasurer), third from left, in a very large flat hat, is JT Duke (secretary) and fourth from left is W Roberts (chairman). The goalkeeper is Oakdale collier Thomas Henry Mortimer. Front row, on the right is Stan Medcraft.
© Paul and Roy Medcraft / Fields Park AFC Archive.

Fields Park United, circa 1926. Again, Stan Medcraft is front row, far right. Standing to the right, with a towel cast nonchalantly over his shoulder, is Fields Park resident Norman Bloodworth.
© Paul and Roy Medcraft / Fields Park Archive.

Fields Park AFC, photographed on an unsurfaced Edwards Terrace during the 1934-35 season. The captain is Owen Evans, who has had the ball firmly wedged between his knees for the occasion. The team mascot in the school cap is Joe Hughes and the lady next to the captain is Daisy Thomas - her father George Thomas is in the back row, at the far right with a cap on and a light-coloured scarf. The three men standing in middle of the back row are, from left to right, Fields Park residents and colliers Harry Dyer (without a cap), Dick Ross and Ernie Smith, and on the far left of the back row in a wide-brimmed hat is 'Happy' Lander from Twyn College. In the front row, sitting far left in trousers is either Alfie or George Craddock, visiting from Coventry, and next in towards the centre, with his hands on his thighs, is Wyndham Wilson, another resident of Fields Park Road, who lodged with Mr and Mrs Dyer. Standing to the right at the front, looking dapper in a waistcoat and watch-chain is Norman Bloodworth. (Caption details confirmed by Barbara Knott and Jocelyn Davies)
© Paul and Roy Medcraft / Fields Park Archive.

Fields Park AFC in the early 1950's, sporting an Arsenal kit.
© Paul and Roy Medcraft / Fields Park AFC Archive.

Fields Park AFC later in the 1950's, now in a Wolves kit. Back left is Roy Jones and back right is Reggie Bevan. Abertillery League and Firth Cup winners.
© Paul and Roy Medcraft / Fields Park AFC Archive.

Fields Park AFC 1969-70; Amateur Cup winners, beating Llanfrechfa Grange 4-1 after extra-time. Second left in the back row is a young Paul Medcraft, and third from the left is well-known Newbridge carpenter and long-time Fields Park goalkeeper, Ollie Davies (with beard).  Second from the right in the front row is Fields Park resident Eric Watts.
© Paul and Roy Medcraft / Fields Park AFC Archive.  

Fields Park AFC, 1977-78; North Gwent League and Firth Cup winners, beating Maesycwmmer 7-6 on penalties, after extra-time.
©Paul and Roy Medcraft / Fields Park AFC Archive.

Fields Park AFC 1978-79; Gwent Premier League and Amateur Cup winners, beating Spencer Works 1-0 after extra-time.
© Paul and Roy Medcraft / Fields Park Archive

Fields Park AFC 1979-80; Gwent Premier League winners.
© Paul and Roy Medcraft / Fields Park Archives.

Fields Park AFC, 1984-85 - photographed before the final of the Challenge Cup Final at Newport County's old ground, Somerton Park. Fields Park beat Liswerry 2-1 to win the cup.... hardly a neutral ground for Liswerry, which is just around the corner from Somerton Park!
© Paul and Roy Medcraft / Fields Park Archive.

Treowen Stars AFC Under 18's 1968-69; this team beat Pontllanfraith in the Cup semi-final, but were subsequently eliminated when Pontllanfraith protested that Paul Medcraft (back right) was also playing senior football for Fields Park.
Courtesy of Paul and Roy Medcraft / Treowen Stars AFC Archive.

Newbridge Grammar School Rugby First XV; 1948-49. The headmaster, sat behind the ball, is Archibald Theodore Sinclair Cooke, and seated, far left, is deputy-head Mr Talbot Thomas.

Newbridge Grammar School Rugby First XV, 1949-50; headmaster Mr ATS Cooke.

Newbridge Grammar School Rugby First XV, 1950-51; headmaster Mr ATS Cooke. Deputy-head Mr Talbot Thomas is sat next to Dai Hayward in his Welsh Schools' rugby shirt.

Newbridge Grammar School Rugby First XV, 1959-60; the headmaster is still Mr ATS Cooke.

Newbridge Grammar School Cricket First XI; the headmaster is ATS Cooke, and far right is the new deputy-head, Mr EM Jones, known to everyone as 'Latin' Jones. Sometimes he kept a small boy on his right shoulder for good luck.

Newbridge Grammar School Rugby Under 13's XV, 1965-66. The headmaster is Mr John Herbert.

Newbridge Grammar School Rugby Under 15's XV, 1965-66. The headmaster is Mr John Herbert. Sat either side of John Herbert are Brian Tiley and Mel Davies. PE Teacher Chris Padfield is in the back row.

Newbridge Grammar School Rugby Under 15's XV, 1968-69. The headmaster is Mr John Herbert. Second from the left in the back row is Billy Harding, and fourth from the right in the back row is Martin Tamlyn, who tragically died in an accident at work several years ago. Far right in the back row is Geography teacher Ron Davies, who went on to become a well-known MP. Seated on the far right is Billy Friend, who went on to captain the School Cricket team in 1972.

Fields Park AFC, 1966; Mon Challenge Cup Finalists, losing 1-3 to Risca United at Cefn Fforest.
© Paul & Roy Medcraft/Fields Park AFC Archive.

Fields Park AFC Second XI, mid 1980's, captained by ex-Risca and Newbridge player, Kelvyn Hurn
© Paul & Roy Medcraft/Fields Park AFC Archive.

A great turn-out for a Fields Park AFC Reunion, held at Newbridge Rugby Club 

Some boys from Fields Park at a Fields Park AFC reunion.... amongst them are three Medcraft brothers, John, Roy and Paul, the Davies twins, Ron and Rob, and the late Eric Watts (in yellow stripes)

Wondering what this old hall has got to do with sport in Newbridge? Many people who attended Tynewydd Infants and Junior School will have taken their first 'PT' lessons in St Paul's Church Hall, which backed onto the Tynewydd yard. © Dory Buck

Pantside AFC's 1994 promotion winning team, captained by Mike Thorne (third left, front row).
© Mike Thorne/Pantside AFC Archive.

Pantside AFC; 'Tom Perkins' Cup Winners, 1997.
© Mike Thorne/Pantside AFC Archive.

Pentwynmawr AFC, around 1976, including ex-Newbridge Welfare goalkeeper Kenny Oliver.
© Courtesy of Brian 'Rocket' Hunt.

Greenfield Secondary School football XI; 1958-59.
Courtesy of Brian 'Rocket' Hunt.

Fields Park AFC, 1966; Mon Challenge Cup Finalists, losing 1-3 to Risca United at Cefn Fforest.
© Ollie Davies/Fields Park AFC Archive.

Not a brilliant photograph, admittedly, but this shows Fields Park AFC in only their second game in the Mon Senior League at Abergavenny Amateurs' ground in 1963. The goalkeeper is Ollie Davies and second from the right in the back row is Dai Elsley
. On the right in the front row is Tommy George and second left, front row, is Eric Watts. Far left in the front row is Ollie Davies' cousin, Guiseppe Lucarini, who was in Wales to learn English and was co-opted into the team, which, even then, was still one man short! Guiseppe went back to Italy, where he still lives. Photograph courtesy of Ollie Davies.

Arsenal legend Paul Merson wearing a Newbridge RUFC shirt, following one of his successful 'evening with Paul Merson' events that was held in the clubhouse. A great character..... © Newbridge RUFC

A newspaper cutting of Treowen Stars, possibly at Under-16 level around 1956. The officials are Johnny Dale (back left) and Ernie Appley (back right); front row, kneeling on the left is Ronnie Self, who went on the play Welsh League for Newbridge Welfare FC for many years.

Newbridge Hotel's Sunday League team; this was mid-1970's and an incredibly strong team for the then very sketchy Sunday League standard - a team with Kelvin Thorne, Paul Medcraft, Steve Nicholls, Mike Young, John Charles and (the late and much-missed) Rob Charles would give any local amateur Saturday team a good game.

'Croes United' (short for Croespenmaen, pronounced 'Cross') Sunday League team in the late 1970's; an excellent line-up with players like Graham Phillips ('Phelps'), Kelvin Thorne and the late Andrew Long in goal - a very good keeper and a lovely guy.

Pantside FC, from sometime in the mid-to late 80's, captained by Goff Hillier (with the ball) and also featuring Pantside stalwarts Alan Brass, Ian Jones and Mike Thorne .

Newbridge United RFC XV, around 1958, photographed on Newbridge Welfare. The captain (holding the ball) is Eric Cooper, who also played cricket for Newbridge CC for many years. Far left in the middle row is Horace Hopkins, and behind him, far left in the back row, is his brother Ernie, who also boxed. Second from the right in the back row is Ray Jenkins, who also played for Newbridge Bowls Club later in life. The dog is Montmorency Mongrel, a local celebrity and licker of stamps. 
Photograph courtesy of Horace Hopkins' daughter, Debra Goslin.

A great old photo of Crumlin AFC, winners of the West Mon Cup in the 1913-14 season.

Pentwynmawr AFC, in the late 50s or early 60s; the man on the far right won the title of the world's baggiest trousers for three years running between 1956 and 1958, thereby securing the coveted 'Golden Pantaloon' trophy and a cheque for 17/6d to be spent at any Peacocks store in Wales.

Newbridge Grammar School Under 13's (1969-70); the teacher to the left of headmaster John Herbert is John Bullock, now sadly no longer with us. Holding the ball is captain Keith Kinsey, and a few others worth a mention are boys in the back row, starting with the player between Mr Bullock and Dr Herbert... Murray 'Muzzy' Jenkins, then moving right, Dai Arnold (who supplied the photo), Vaughan 'Beep' Palmer, Mike Breeze, Lyndon 'Scruff' Morris and a cold and under-nourished looking David 'Dukey' Wellington, who was also a good opening bat for the school cricket team. Thanks to Dai Arnold for the photo.

Newbridge Grammar School 2nd XV Rugby team, 1972-73. Notice David 'Dukey' Wellington has been stood in exactly the same position as on the previous photograph for three full years, so he didn't miss the team photo. In the interim he has shot up, filled out and put on a thermal vest and presents a much healthier physique, due in no small part to Chris Padfield's intense regime of circuits and medicine ball throwing. To our knowledge he stands there still...... Again, thanks to Dai Arnold for the photo.

Young people having a jolly old time - all good clean fun, obviously. This was taken during Newbridge Grammar School's rugby tour to L'Aquila in Italy, around 1973. Many among them seem to be indicating a victory of some sort.... photograph supplied by Dai Arnold.

Fields Park AFC reborn! With Newbridge and Treowen, Fields Park has a long history of producing excellent footballing teams, and after ceasing to exist when a joint venture with Pontllanfraith AFC didn't work out, Fields Park AFC finally relaunched - in bright yellow kit - in the 2014-15 season..... Fields Park have too much footballing history just to disappear. Photograph © Paul and Roy Medcraft/Fields Park AFC Archive.

Newbridge Welfare AFC Welsh League team around 1964-65, photographed in front of the wall in the corner of the Welfare grounds. Photograph courtesy of Archie Self (second player from the left, front row, next to his brother Ronnie).

A great old photo of a formidable 'Stute Billiards team (or possibly 'squad'), posed outside the Meredith Terrace entrance, and possibly taken in the 1930's 

Newbridge Welfare FC, mid-1960's. Supplied by Archie Self.

Not much known about this photograph, other than it could be Hafodyrynys FC - any info greatly received.

The Newbridge Utd team who played Tredegar in the Welsh Cup in the 80s.

The names are top left back row Paul Gameson, Councillor Martyn James, Ron Twin Davies, Steve Laffan, Graham Heath, John Peregrine, Brian Edge, Gary Freeman, Chris Hopkins, Jeff Thomas, Mark Gadja, Martin Hyde, Wayne Morgan, John Prosser, Neil Price (deceased), Tony Bates.

Left Front row kneeling; Bruce Barrowman, Ray Sheldon, Cen Hayward, Gwyn Jones (skipper), Gary Hollister,  Adrian Niblett, Leighton Powell, Craig Roberts, Geoff Luxton.

 Photograph courtesy of the late John 'Polly' Peregrine, gentleman of this Manor.

Great postcard of a game going on at the Welfare ground, before the rugby club or stand were built. This is probably in the 1930s, and if you look carefully, just to the left-hand side of the Boys' Club, you can see the new-looking Boxing and Football clubhouse, with it's wooden balcony in place.

Ray Hu
rley (left) and Ken Buck, the two men, along with Ronnie Self, who were responsible for relaunching Newbridge Town AFC from the ashes of Newbridge Welfare AFC, hence the Phoenix crest.


Newbridge United RFC, pictured on the Welfare Ground in front of the Grandstand; this photograph is from the early 1950's and features brothers Brian and Dennis Bartlett - Brian is the second player (in hooped shirt) from the left in the back row and Dennis is second from the left (in hoops) in the front row. Photograph is courtesy of Brian's son, Kieron Bartlett.

Kelvin Thorne and Robert Davies share the trophy awarded annually to the 'Tie Wearer of the Year' by Peter James, Gents Outfitters of Victoria Terrace.... Kelvin won points for creativity by wearing his tie around the wrong way and hanging down his back, while Rob went for the 'smart but casual' look, with a strong emphasis on casual. The trophy was later stolen, but eventually found dumped in a bush near Windsor Avenue park by a man walking his dog, Pickles. Photo courtesy of Kelvin Thorne.

The Crumlin CC Under 14s team that won the cup against the favourites Sudbrook CC at Caldicot on Sunday 31st August 2003.

Treowen Stars under 16s (95/96) in front of the stand on the Stars' pitch. Manager (in red top) is Kelvin Thorne, and the two assistant managers are Maxie Whitlock (far left) and Glyn Smith (far right). Courtesy of Kelvin Thorne.

Newbridge Grammar School 2nd XV, 1971-72: not all names are known, but some of them are.... back row, second left - Gareth Edmunds, third left - Steve Lane, fifth left - Dai 'Daisy' Ware, and then Philip 'Fred' Morgan, Dai Handy, Mike Rees and John 'Polly' Peregrine (far right). Front row, from left: the late and much missed Keith Kinsey - a superb scrum-half, Alan Britt, Gareth 'Franky' Rees (Skipper and sometime Choirmaster), Dr John Herbert (Headmaster), Chris Padfield (PE Teacher and Rugby Coach), Martin Lambert, Murray 'Muzzy' Jenkins and finally Martin Davies. The caption is a collaboration between John Peregrine, Dory Buck and Alan Britt, who supplied the photograph.... between them they almost possess a memory....


Three Newport RFC players in their Barbarian shirts, at the old Cardiff Arms Park following the famous 6-0 win over South Africa on the 4th February 1961; the very muddy chap on the left is Newbridge-born scrum-half Billy Watkins, in the middle is the famous Welsh lock Brian 'B.E.V.' Price from Deri and on the right is Cwmcarn-born centre Brian Jones. Photograph courtesy of Brian Jones.


Greenfield School Cricket Team, in 1949. The teacher to the left is the ever-popular Johnny Herbert, and standing next to him is Estyn Self, who tragically drowned in Penyfan Pond, just before his 18th birthday.  Courtesy of Nancy Self.  

Treowen Stars Under 18's Cup Winners, approximately 1997. The manager (on the left) was the well-known and respected late Tony Parsons, known to everyone as 'Tonto'. Photo courtesy of Kelvin Thorne.

Two photographs of the great old Newbridge Boxing Club, constructed by miners during the depression (which the square plaque on the door alluded to), just prior to demolition - it was also the clubhouse for Newbridge Town AFC. I wonder who holds that plaque now - hopefully it was kept safe, as a genuine and important artefact of Newbridge's social history.

A strong Pantside team of the early 70's, prior to the Tom Perkins Cup Final at Eugene Cross Park, Ebbw Vale.

Back row, L to R: The late Alf Sheppard (Manager), Ian Jones, Geoff Miller, the late Andrew Long, John Bingham, Jimmy Wilkins (Committee), Peter Speed, Colin Brass, Jeff Harris, George Rees (Trainer).Front row, L to R: Phillip Williams, Michael Lane, John Kinsey, unknown mascot, the late Alan Thomas and the late Phillip Leader, who went on the play for Newbridge Town, before successfully converting to Rugby with Crosskeys. Photo supplied by Jeff 'Jaffa' Harris.

Newbridge Harlequins RFC 1910-11. The year they were runners-up in the Newport and District League and runners-up in the Crosskeys Cup competition. Supplied by Jeff Harris, who himself played for Newbridge RFC - Jeff's Great Grandfather Jasper Charles is in the second row from the back, third from the right (just behind the captain, holding the ball); Jasper was also the Grandfather of John and Robert Charles, who played football for Newbridge Town FC. 

A photograph of Gwent Police RFC V Oakdale RFC, around 1984/85. The match was arranged by Ian Johnson, who was a serving Police Officer at the time and Chairman of Oakdale RFC, to try and unite the communities after the Miners' Strike. Photograph courtesy of Jeff Harris.

Newbridge Town 2nd XI, 1987; the officials are Ernie Lewis (left) and Andrew Long (right), now sadly both passed on. Neil 'Nipper' Lewis (next to his dad Ernie), Rob Walker (third from left, back row) and Steve Carroll (second from right, back row) are amongst the players. Photo courtesy of Rob Walker.


The two photographs of Newbridge Welfare Welsh League team are from the 1960s and supplied by Archie Self. The bottom photo (white kit) is a few years earlier than the top photograph. Third from the right in the back row of the team in white is the highly regarded player Tommy George.

Newbridge Boys' Club, in the early 1950's, photographed on Newbridge Welfare. Estyn Self, seated back but one row, far left, died shortly after in a drowning accident at Penyfan Pond. Courtesy of Nancy Self.

The Memo Snooker Team, year unknown. but probably mid to late 1950s. Photograph supplied by Archie Self, who is sat second from the right.


 The greyed-out area to the right denotes the position of the gable (shower and toilet) end of Treowen Stars original clubhouse. Treowen Stars ran Under 13's, Under 14's, Under 15's, Under 16's, Under 18's, and North Mon and Mon Senior teams - boys and men were coming and going up this path all day, every Saturday. It was a great club, and ran a very successful Tote, in conjunction with Fields Park FC, which helped finance the clubs. The clubhouse had a snooker table, a shop, table-tennis facilities, and occasionally showed films of football matches. © Dory Buck 

Greenfield School Football Team in 1962-63; second 
from the right in the front row is Newbridge cobbler Phil Walker, and third from the right in the back row is Brian Barnes, who both went on to play for both Treowen Stars FC and Newbridge Town FC. 

John Charles heads away a corner, as Newbridge Town play out a hard-earned 2-2 draw at Pontnewydd United. The other Newbridge players are Graham Phillips (No 6), goalkeeper in white Neil Watkins, Alan Parfitt on the near post and Dory Buck on the edge of the box. The pitch looks a bit rough too.....      © South Wales Argus

Wondering what the Mighty Arsenal are doing on a page about Newbridge sports teams? If you look closely at the player third from the left on the back row, you will also see the same guy on some of the Newbridge Town FC photos - it's Shane Walker, who was signed by Arsenal and is photographed here in the squad photo for 1974-75. Among the players on this photo are not only World Cup winner Alan Ball, but also Liam 'Chippy' Brady, Gunners legend Charlie George, England Internationals Peter Storey and Bob McNab, future Arsenal assistant to Arsene Wenger Pat Rice, Geordie Armstrong, John Radford, England Physio Fred Street and Double winning manager Bertie Mee. Amongst the younger players are future Arsenal regulars David O'Leary and Graham Rix. Shane went on to play for Hereford United, under manager John Sillett and his assistant Terry Payne, also part of the 1966 World Cup winning squad.

Newbridge Town AFC, 1975-76; if you look at the photo of Arsenal above, you'll see the same player - Shane Walker - standing back left on this photo, in the white Adidas T Shirt, standing in the back row of the Arsenal photo, in a squad that included World Cup winner Alan Ball, Charlie George, David O'Leary and Liam Brady.

Season 2017-18; Newbridge-born referee, 22 year-old Jordan Harman, is already refereeing regularly in the Welsh League First Division and having reached that level at such a young age, has a great future in the professional game ahead of him.

Waiting for the kit, the photographer and the rest of the team to show up....Dai Wilcox and Alan Beecham (standing) and Phil Leader, Dennis Hodder and Kelvin Thorne (sitting), in the boxing ring of the old Newbridge Boxing Club and Newbridge Town FC clubhouse, 1974. Courtesy of Kelvin Thorne.

Newbridge United RFC; date uncertain, but somewhere between 1947 - 1950.

Newbridge Youth RFC 1963-64. The team is captained by scrum-half Terry Evans (front/centre, holding the ball) who went on to tour Argentina with Wales - no mean feat in an era dominated by Gareth Edwards. Photograph supplied by Mike Shepherd, who is sat just behind Terry; fourth from the right, middle row. 

Newbridge RFC's tour party to Cyprus; date uncertain, but Arthur Hughes, 'the best player never to win a cap' is there, so probably the late 1960's or early 70's. Photograph courtesy of Mike Shepherd.

The two photographs above show the catastrophic results of a blocked culvert at Newbridge Welfare in November 1986; luckily, being next to the river, the Welfare has always had really good drainage, and the flood soon dissipated. Photos courtesy of Mike Shepherd.

Pam Holmes has supplied this photograph of a mystery team.... any ideas or information regarding the team's identity will be very welcome.

Speedway comes to Newbridge Welfare! Not sure what year, but by the width of the men's trousers, it's probably late 40s to mid 50s. The field is cutting up, but there's a good crowd.

Goalkeeper Neil Watkins and midfield player Shane Walker, of Newbridge Town FC, on the Welfare, 1973-74 season. It's interesting to see the old Rugby Club in the background, before an exploding water tank blew it to bits - Friday night discos were held downstairs, usually ending with a bit of wanton violence for no particular reason! Neil went on to represent Merthyr Tydfil FC and Wrexham FC, while Shane signed for Arsenal before playing under John Sillett and Terry Payne at Hereford United © Neil Watkins

Newbridge Town goalkeeper Peter Hackling, stood between two great guys who were both taken from us too soon - Ray Hurley (left) and Alan 'Parf' Parfitt (right). 1979-80 season. © Peter Hackling

Newbridge Town FC, 1977-78.  The man on the far right at the back is Ronnie Self, who had recently retired due to a broken leg, and the mascot sat on the football at the front is Ronnie's young son Keiron Self, who went on to become an actor and play the daft dentist Roger Bailey Jnr, alongside Robert Lindsay and Zoe Wanamaker  in the long-running BBC comedy 'My Family'. He also played PC Claude Cox in 'High Hopes' and continues to act today. Photo courtesy of Peter Hackling, back row in the gold jersey.

Newbridge Town FC, 1981-82 season - the captain is Norman Bushell and the manager, stood back row, second left, is the late Ken Buck. Photo courtesy of Peter Hackling, stood in yellow, behind Norman Bushell.

Newbridge Town FC, on tour at Wembley Stadium in Spring 1981. Newbridge were managed by Ken Buck, front row in suit and tie. © Peter Hackling

Newbridge Town on tour at Wembley Stadium, Spring 1981. Photo supplied by Peter Hackling, sporting a beard and stood at the front between Phil Leader in his duffle coat, and Kelvin Thorne in his red jacket.

Steve Carroll and Peter Hackling of Newbridge Town FC, 1977-78 season. Dory Buck is in the background,  coquettishly exposing his midriff for no particular reason © Peter Hackling

A photograph of Greenfield School Football Team, 1959-60, supplied by Dai Wilcox, the second player from the right in the back row, standing next to goalkeeper Ollie Davies. Dai went on the play for both Treowen Stars and Newbridge Town, while Ollie spent his career playing for Fields Park.

Treowen Stars Mon Senior XI, 1967-68. The captain is Dai Bevan, and the officials are Johnny Dale (back left) and Archie Davies (back right). The photo has been supplied by Dai Wilcox, stood in the back row next to Johnny Dale.

Newbridge Grammar School Rugby XV, 1956-57. The headmaster in the centre is Mr ATS Cooke, and sitting to his left as we view is Mike Croad, the son of Newbridge butcher Trevor Croad; Mike was a dentist in Risca for many years, and latterly involved with Newbridge Rugby Club. Sitting far right in the same row is Keith Davies, who supplied this photograph. The Deputy Head, Mr Halse, is stood on the far right, and the PE teacher, standing far left is only recalled by Keith as being called 'Trudgeon' by the boys

The Newbridge Grammar School Cricket XI for 1956; the Head is Mr ATS Cooke, the Deputy Head is Mr Halse, and the chap in a cap and spectacles next to Mr Cooke is Peter Roberts who went on the gain representative honours. The photograph has been supplied by Keith Davies, seated next to Peter Roberts.

The Newbridge Grammar School Cricket XI for 1957; the Head is Mr ATS Cooke, the Deputy Head standing at the back/right is Mr Halse, and the PE teacher, remembered only as Trudgeon, is at the back/left. To the right of the Head is John Bassett, a very good bowler who went on to play for Pontllanfraith CC for many years.  Photo courtesy of Keith Davies.

Crumlin RFC (date unsure; any ideas?)