The interior of St Paul's Church in Newbridge.

This photograph is of St Paul's Church Choir, and the Rev Stanley Jones is also present  - it has been supplied by Foster Edwards, who left Newbridge in 1966; Foster asked if anyone knew any more about it and what the occasion was. If you have any info, please contact this site and we'll forward it to Foster.

The Italianate and very attractive Newbridge Catholic Church, visible on its high vantage point from miles around; it has to be said... it's about time the Pope sent over some of his boys with a tub or two of whitewash and spent a few bob on maintenance; it's much too attractive and iconic to be allowed to look so unloved.

The church that used to be at the foot of the Doctor's Hill, just prior to demolition. © Dory Buck

A group of worshippers from the Presbyterian Chapel in Crumlin, sometime in the late 1950s. Photograph supplied by Jocelyn and Mike Davies.