Crumlin Viaduct 1954    © Eric de Maré



Crumlin Technical College 1955     © The Francis Frith Collection

Courtesy of Gill Thorne.

Courtesy of Gill Thorne.

Courtesy of Gill Thorne.

Courtesy of Gill Thorne.


Crown Street, Crumlin; the main change to a still-recognisable Crown Street (apart from the vanished Viaduct....) is that now it's a dead end, whereas at this point it ran from the Newbridge end, straight through to the shops in Crumlin, emerging by the Wexa club. Photograph courtesy of Brian Collins.

Courtesy of the Kelvin Thorne Postcard Collection.

Crumlin Nursery School, Crown Street, Crumlin, around 1946-47. Photograph courtesy of Leonard Lloyd.

A beautiful example of a 'Chase Ricketts' pop-alley bottle, produced in Crumlin.
This photograph has been kindly supplied by Mo and Derek James.

An 'H Edwards' stone bottle, found in the mid 1960s by Roger Reese, in the garden of a derelict cottage by the canal side, close to the present metal footbridge at the bottom of Pantside hill. Photograph courtesy of Roger Reese.

View of Crumlin Viaduct from near Swffryd, taken in the mid 1960s by Roger Reese.

The Crumlin CC Under 14s team that won the cup against the favourites Sudbrook CC at Caldicot on Sunday 31st August 2003.

A photograph of film star Gregory Peck riding a horse, during the filming of 'Arabesque' in Crumlin during the summer (July) of 1965 with Sophia Loren. Taken on the railway embankment near Crumlin Viaduct and Treowen bottom park. © Robin Williams

A crowd gathered on the railway embankment below Treowen bottom park in July 1965 to watch the filming of 'Arabesque', with Hollywood superstars Gregory Peck and Sophia Loren, culminating with a dramatic scene involving a crashing helicopter, shot on Crumlin Viaduct, just before it was demolished. © Robin Williams

Hillside Methodist Church, marching on Whit Sunday, May 1961. This photograph was taken just outside Crumlin High Level Junior School. © Robin Williams

A view from Treowen railway embankment in July 1965, looking down over Crumlin and the Mining School (Kennard House, now demolished) and across to Swyffryd in the distance, with the shadow of the beginning of Crumlin Viaduct, centre, left edge of photo.  © Robin Williams 

Designer Thomas William Kennard and his engineers during construction of the Crumlin Viaduct in 1856. Image courtesy of Bill Stone.
'The Golden Age before Health and Safety'.... Crumlin Viaduct construction workers, circa 1856. There's also a thoughtful, poetic type sat on a small tump in the foreground, thinking of something to rhyme with 'viaduct'. Answers on a postcard to.... Image courtesy of Bill Stone.






A group of worshippers from the Presbyterian Chapel in Crumlin, sometime in the late 1950s. Photograph supplied by Jocelyn and Mike Davies.

Crumlin High Level Junior School, 1927. Photograph supplied by Jocelyn and Mike Davies.