A fairly recent 'telephoto' photograph of Fields Park, as seen from the top of the coal tip above Newbridge. The railway that led to Treowen Halt and eventually to the Crumlin Viaduct ran from left to right, just at the top of the wooded area below Fields Park. Towards the bottom right, the roofs of houses at Homeleigh can be seen, poking above the greenery.
The farm behind Fields Park (top right) was for many years worked by Rhys Collins and his family.  
© Kelvin Thorne 2005

Fields Park as seen from the bridge over the by-pass at the top of Hill Street, 2011 © Dory Buck

  Fields Park Athletic AFC, possibly 1950's (?) Colin Mustoe is standing on the left with the bag and 
Joseph Smith is on the right in the suit, but any more information would be welcome. 
Courtesy of Kelvin Thorne / Fields Park Athletic AFC Archive  

More photographs of Fields Park Athletic AFC can be seen in the 'Sports' sub-section of 'Newbridge'. 


A shot of Fields Park in the late 1960's from the mountainside above Eugene Lucas's bungalow; note how most of the houses are still burning coal. © Ken Buck.

The waterfall near 'The Rock' above Fields Park; a rite of passage for Fields Park boys was jumping off The Rock and over the stream to the path on the other side.
An enchanting place to grow up. © Ken Buck.

'The Rock' or 'Sky Rock', depending on which part of Newbridge or Fields Park you hail from.... a great place to jump over, play and make dams in days gone by; before computers and smart phones, that's what kids used to do, believe it or not...  There are no prizes on offer, but can you 'Spot The Dog'? There is one - honest! © Martin Methuen