A photograph taken around 2005, from the top of the coal tip overlooking Newbridge, using a telephoto lens; it shows 'the Circle' and shop at the bottom of Treowen Road and the fields beyond, stretching away towards Croespenmaen. © Kelvin Thorne

An unusual photograph of both Treowen Stars senior teams in 1969 (Mon Senior First XI and North Mon Second XI); in fact this constitutes the Treowen Stars Senior Squad;  the first team are in the lighter (sky blue) kit and  the second team are in what can only be described as 'bruised plum' or 'horrible'. Kits were lovingly maintained by Mrs Porter. 
Courtesy of Kelvin Thorne / Treowen Stars AFC Archive.

Another photograph taken in 2005 from the coal tip, using a telephoto lens; central to this is Treowen Stars' field ('Bush Park') and clubhouse (red brick building, just below the field and to the left). To the left of the field is the farm once known as 'Jack Bobett's' and behind the ground is the Scouts' field and facilities.
© Kelvin Thorne

The people of Parry Terrace at their street party celebrating the famous 'Festival of Britain', held in London in 1951  ©TBA

Standing: John Stanley
Back: Annie Kenson, Lil Smith, Albert Smith, Marj Smith, Mrs Stanley, Mrs Beddis, Mrs Brown, Lucy Brown, Violet Williams, Betty Beddis, Violet Ingram. Henry Smith, unknown, unknown, Bronwen Tucker.
Front: Tudor Tucker, Joyce Tucker, Mrs Tucker, Mrs Brenda Tucker, Mrs Perryman, Mrs Turner, unknown (back to camera), Mrs Carpenter, Mrs Jenkins, Mrs Price, Mrs Simmonds, Alice Waites.

The Parry Terrace 'Festival of Britain' street party in 1951, taken from a slightly different angle and showing the first part of the Viaduct at the top right of the photograph © TBA

Treowen Stars AFC, around 1950; looking very smart in Arsenal shirts. Other old photographs of Treowen Stars AFC can be found in the Newbridge sub-section 'Sport'. Courtesy of Granville Davies.

'RAF' is written on the back of this photograph of three servicemen about to leave, possibly for the front.  The house behind is in Ael-y-Bryn Terrace and the man in the centre of the picture lived in Pen-y-Lan Terrace, possibly number 20. Information supplied by Bill Stone. The photograph is courtesy of Granville Davies.


Treowen Wartime Fire Service, with Joe Stone in the centre. Joe was a miner at the South Celynen and, along with other miners, joined the AFS at the outbreak of war. He served in Plymouth, Swansea and London during the Blitz and in later years he was selected to represent Wales as part of the Guard of Honour at Queen Elizabeth's Coronation in1953. He served in the AFS (along with his sons William and Howard) until it was disbanded in the late '60s. Photograph courtesy of William Stone, Joe's son.

Taken outside Treowen Stars original clubhouse, next to the railway - it appears to be taken during construction, as the club shop counter area is in the background. Top left is Ernie Appley, who lived in Hill Street, Newbridge, and was associated with the Stars for years. Courtesy of Colin Parfitt.

Maxie Perkins (with mop) and Colin Parfitt of Treowen; Maxie tragically died when he was electrocuted while singing on stage in Port Talbot - he was a wonderful singer. © Colin Parfitt 

Treowen Park, 1936. From left to right - Dick Pook, Bob Tanner (aged 10), Reg Shot, Johnny Dixon (aged 4), and Wes Brimfield. Photo supplied by Johnny Dixon.

Treowen Stars under 16s (95/96) in front of the stand on the Stars' pitch. Manager (in red top) is Kelvin Thorne, and the two assistant managers are Maxie Whitlock (far left) and Glyn Smith (far right). Courtesy of Kelvin Thorne.

The greyed-out area to the right denotes the position of the gable (shower and toilet) end of Treowen Stars original clubhouse. Treowen Stars ran Under 13's, Under 14's, Under 15's, Under 16's, Under 18's, and North Mon and Mon Senior teams - boys and men were coming and going up this path all day, every Saturday. It was a great club, and ran a very successful Tote, in conjunction with Fields Park FC, which helped finance the clubs. The clubhouse had a snooker table, a shop, table-tennis facilities, and occasionally showed films of football matches. © Dory Buck 




Looking down Elidyr Road towards the Circle, around 1930-32. Courtesy of Bill Stone