Incorporating new and old photographs and images of both the Institute and the Memorial Hall, known to one and all as the 'Stute and the Memo..... with gratitude and admiration for all who have been involved with the successful campaign for their refurbishment.

Newbridge is much richer for your efforts and vision.





A sunburst over Meredith Terrace and the newly finished entrance to the Institute and Memo.
© Chris Buck 2015

A beautifully restored 'Memo' - up until around 1964 or '65 the seats and carpets were still original and the same deep plush burgundy red as the curtain - they seemed so warm, expensive and luxurious to us young kids. I remember when we first went in after the seats had been refurbished in blue, we all thought it had been done on the cheap because it didn't look as expensive or warm and didn't match the curtain anymore!

Barbara Bevan of Llanfach; Barbara became involved in the restoration of the Memo in 2002, initially through her membership of the choir, she became aware of a petition to save the Memo from demolition and started collecting signatures door-to-door.

In April 2003, a public meeting was called and Barbara became the Treasurer of the newly-formed committee, before becoming a Trustee, and eventually Chair of Trustees in 2016.

Barbara resigned in October 2018 on her 80th birthday, and the Memo's committee showed its appreciation of her commitment and dedication by naming the ballroom in her honour